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Ícaro Ferre is one of those people that I ran across because of his work, and we've ended up getting to know each other a bit. His work on the CV Toolkit was an eye-opener, and it turned me on to working with a computer in a way that was different than I'd ever approached. All of a sudden, the computer was an assistant (rather than an overlord), and I really liked the feeling.

I've also started playing around with his MFL devices, and am finding them equally enjoyable to work with. You probably should take a look at his site:

In this chat, we talk about Ícaro's background, his perspective on software development, and the state of the music/music-tech scene in his native Brazil. He also lays down some knowledge about interesting ways to approach creating variation during performance that immediately had me patching my modular. A great guy, some great products and an easy style translate into an excellent podcast. Enjoy!

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