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When I interviewed Andrew Benson a few weeks ago, we talked about the video label that he worked with, and the fabulous people he knew from that experience. One of them, Johnny Woods, was willing to be interviewed for the podcast - and I jumped at the opportunity.

A crazy-fabulous animator, modular synth nut and label/economics guru, Johnny has a great vision - and interesting opinions - on a lot of subjects. And I felt like we covered a lot of them; our discussion starts with animation and end with us taking over Silicon Valley. As a result, I'm going to have to go to LA to get the cabal rolling, but in the meantime you get to hear our chat.

Enjoy listening, and make sure you check out Johnny's work at as well as the Undervolt & Co site. At the very least, take a little time out of your schedule to find some work by an artist, share it where you can, and help spread the word about the amazing art that's being made!

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