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Chuck Surack is a legend in music circles, having created one of the largest MI retailers in the world with Sweetwater Sound. It is interesting to understand how he got there - from a mobile recording studio-in-a-bus, through his initial (and sometimes painful) experiences as a sound designer, then into building a massive business getting us the gear we want.

Chuck is much more than a successful retail businessman. He continues to be an active musician and complete gear nut. And he is actively involved in helping young people continue to make music part of their lives through his work with non-profit organizations.

Chuck has also been one of the great supporters of user groups and online communities. I saw this first-hand when he helped make the K2000 mailing list and online users group one of the most vital places on the web. It's been my great pleasure to interact with Chuck over the years, and this interview should help you understand why I hold him in such high regard.


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This is the second part of the interview, where Gregory Taylor inteviews me - Darwin Grosse. Whee!

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OK, I was a little nervous about this.

A number of people had decided the content of podcast #100 for me. They all said the same thing: "Podcast 100 has to be you, man!" So, while I felt like I had talked a lot about myself during the first 99 podcasts, I agreed to it - with trepidation.

So, without a lot of extra noise, I give you part one of a two-part interview with me, Darwin Grosse. Some of this is about the podcast, other parts are about how I got into audio work, and even more are about how I became an analog-head. During the editing of this, I realized that the story is about me, but also about people like Oscar, Grant and others that shaped me. So in a way, it is also a light shining on them.

I hope you enjoy this, and it helps you know me a little better. And don't worry - starting next week we will feature other (and probably more interesting!) people.


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I'm so excited about this week's chat - with DiN label owner and prolific musician Ian Boddy. Ian pretty much defines the continuing production of classic electronic music, and his various works - with ARC, collaborations with Robert Rich and Markus Reuter and others - keep him active and not pigeon-holed. But he is also an active library music developer and even sound designer.

So yeah, Ian is pretty busy.

Luckily for me, he was willing to chat for a bit about how he does what he does, what are some of his inspirations and how he is able to keep 'fresh'. This was a great opportunity for me to see inside the mind of are real "producer" (in that he is always producing).

If you haven't spent much time around the DiN label, you should check it out here:


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Alec Brady is a new friend - he introduced himself as part of my "if you know somebody that should be interviewed" request, and I realized that I'd seen a bunch of his work in the Max for Live Facebook group. He's also a fan of the podcast - so that helps!

Alec presumes to be a beginner, but I find his MFL work to be inventive and fun, and his perspectives on music making to be quite mature. He is also surrounding himself with music-making and music technology, and the result is someone that can talk with experience on many, many topics.

This is a little different from most of the podcasts: it isn't single-focused, but rather wide ranging and current. This makes sense, because Alec believes that he is at the beginning of his journey - although we should all be feeling that as well. I really enjoyed this chat, and I hope you do too!

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