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OK, I'll admit it. Every time I've tried using a Theremin, the result have been a musical car wreck. It seems like I have no ability to control my limbs in a way that provides the instrument with what it needs, so it sounds horrible.

So therefore, it is really interesting to me to talk to talented Theremin players - and this week, I talk to the best that I know: Victoria Lundy. Victoria is a solo performer and recording artist as well as a member of The Inactivists, and is active in our local Synth Meetup. I've seen her perform in a number of different gigs, and she is alway able to hold people's attention with her personal and voice-like sound.

In this chat, we talk about becoming a Thereminist, choosing an instrument, and figuring out how to play before you get disillusioned and sell the instrument on eBay. We also talk about some of the idiosyncrasies when playing in a group, and even how you prepare for working in a Conduction ensemble. Fascinating details, and a great interview.

You can hear Victoria's work here:

Sorry for the terrible sound on my mic; the Evil Blue Mic - combined with unknowable problems with Audio Hijack - conspire to beat me down again. <sigh> That's gotta change...


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I really enjoy Andrew Benson's work, even if it is completely unlike anything that I would ever do myself. Maybe that's why I like it, right? Andrew embraces extremes in color, shape and glitchiness, and the result is immediately identifiable as his own. Having this unique voice has put him in the position of doing some impressive and interesting professional work, and I wanted to talk to him about the process - and the difficulties - in making these things happen.

In podcast #19, Andrew talked about his background and influences, This time, he was kind enough to talk about some of his recent work, how he got the gigs, how he kept them, and how he made the decisions necessary to get the job done. He also talks about the process of moving when one has been part of a local art community (a thing close to my heart at the moment...) and how the tech is selected for a given piece or project. If you do art work of any sort, this podcast is going to be filled with information that will be important to you.

So have a listen, check out Andrew's work at, and use that info to jack your professional life a little bit. But one of the things that I came away with after talking with Andrew is "Don't Be Scared" - perhaps the best advice anyone could ever provide...


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J. Anthony Allen is a busy guy - teaching at a university, in private lessons and at the Slam Academy. He also balances the teaching work with his own composition/performance work, and is the businessman behind some of these ventures. Makes me tired just thinking through his day...

In this conversation, we discuss the differences in teaching in different venues, how someone gets into composition in the first place, and how to manage the balance of composing and commerce. We also talk about developing new performance systems, and J. gives me the scoop on the Minneapolis scene.

This is one of those interviews that makes me want to work harder - or maybe smarter. I hope you find it helpful for yourself! Enjoy!

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