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My friend Gregory Taylor made an interesting connection for me: Ben Houge, an instructor at Berklee, also had an interesting sideline, and Gregory thought I'd be interested. And boy, was he right: Ben composes music to go along with top chef's meal presentations, creating a performance that I'm dying to check out!

In our chat, I get to find out what this means, how you get the gig in the first place, and the kind of background that it takes to compose at this level. Combine this interest with Ben's background as a game composer and you clearly have an incredible chat-in-the-making. But Ben also seems to have a knack for talking to people (and getting them to talk back...), and we explore that a bit as well.

You can find out more about Ben at, his Berklee page, or hear his work on Soundcloud. But dive in deep, and you'll find an individual with an incredible and fascinating body of work.


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When I interviewed Andrew Benson a few weeks ago, we talked about the video label that he worked with, and the fabulous people he knew from that experience. One of them, Johnny Woods, was willing to be interviewed for the podcast - and I jumped at the opportunity.

A crazy-fabulous animator, modular synth nut and label/economics guru, Johnny has a great vision - and interesting opinions - on a lot of subjects. And I felt like we covered a lot of them; our discussion starts with animation and end with us taking over Silicon Valley. As a result, I'm going to have to go to LA to get the cabal rolling, but in the meantime you get to hear our chat.

Enjoy listening, and make sure you check out Johnny's work at as well as the Undervolt & Co site. At the very least, take a little time out of your schedule to find some work by an artist, share it where you can, and help spread the word about the amazing art that's being made!

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One of the most interesting and personable people I've met in my journey has be Stephen James Taylor. An accomplished composer and film scorer, he is also on a path that includes research into tuning systems combined with an interest in building unique instruments. The work he does ranges from Disney animation scoring to bluesy solo pieces, and he is able to weave all of his interests into an amazing sonic tapestry.

In this chat, Stephen and I dive into his microtonal interests (including his work with and on Erv Wilson's tuning mapping), his background coming up in the film scoring world, and how he dealt with the various existential crises throughout his life. We also talk a lot about the conundrum of new tunings, the required new instruments, and how a body of work gets created to support them. We also talk more about instrument design, for while Stephen is a wealth of knowledge.

Enjoy, and check out his work at

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One of my early podcasts was with Matthew Davidson (also often known as stretta). At the time, Matthew was working with me at Cycling '74, and was also doing some teaching at Berklee School of Music and working on some monome/modular stuff.

Since then, Matthew has left Cycling and has moved into a fulltime position at Berklee, so I decided to revisit our discussion, talk a little more about what things are like teaching at the school, and what it is like for students that are first attempting to take on something as heady as that program. We also get some insights into Matthew's ideas about ensemble work (with modulars!), personal practice and the excitement of teaching as a full-time gig.


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