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My friend Gregory Taylor made an interesting connection for me: Ben Houge, an instructor at Berklee, also had an interesting sideline, and Gregory thought I'd be interested. And boy, was he right: Ben composes music to go along with top chef's meal presentations, creating a performance that I'm dying to check out!

In our chat, I get to find out what this means, how you get the gig in the first place, and the kind of background that it takes to compose at this level. Combine this interest with Ben's background as a game composer and you clearly have an incredible chat-in-the-making. But Ben also seems to have a knack for talking to people (and getting them to talk back...), and we explore that a bit as well.

You can find out more about Ben at, his Berklee page, or hear his work on Soundcloud. But dive in deep, and you'll find an individual with an incredible and fascinating body of work.


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