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I've seen Marcel Wierckx' name around for years, but hadn't seen his work in action. Recently, my friend Gregory Taylor ran across some of his work with dancers and was blown away. Of course, given my work with dancers and choreographers, I was really excited to learn more about what he's doing, how he builds up his performance system, and how he develops the work that he does.

The more I dug around in his website, the more I found to discuss. His view on the arts is unique, and has a depth that isn't often found in the media art world. But Marcel also has a particular position on his work: he considers himself a composer, regardless of the media (visuals, OpenGL, audio, music) that he is working within.

We mostly talk about work with dancers/choreographers, which was timely; I'd just done a panel at the Berklee Voltage Connect conference about live performance, and talked extensively about working with a dance company as a means for interesting new performance options. Marcel takes this to a new level, mainly because he's been doing it for so long.

It's always great to talk to someone that is as introspective as Marcel is, and someone that embraces both teamwork and self-focused development in the creation of art. A great chat; hope you enjoy it!

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I have to admit loving the looks of a good wooden modular case. There is something about it that offsets the overly high-tech look of a modular system, and turns it into an organic, living beast. And of all the case work that I've seen, it is Lamond Design's work that catches my eye most frequently. So when I decided to have a chat with a case maker, guess who I called?

This chat was one of the most comfortable I've had, simply because Ross is a very laid back guy that is quite taken by the fact that people like his work, and also grateful for the opportunity to do case-building as a gig. And with his background as an attempted musician (and it is clear that he still keeps his hand in it, even if he downplays the musical thing...), he always keeps his eye on the artistry of the work.

In our chat, we cover everything from getting started with modulars through learning woodworking from scratch. And in the meantime, it has been growing, tweaking and pumping out the best looking cases you've ever seen. If you aren't familiar, you should check it out here:


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