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Art + Music + Technology

Welcome to the Art + Music + Technology podcast page! I hope that you like what you hear, and please drop me a line if you have any questions or comments. You can always reach me at


Jan 23, 2022

I’ve been trying to get Elainie Lillios on the podcast for some time. I’ve seen her, and heard her work at SEAMUS conferences in the past, and she has come up in conversations several times during the course of the podcast. So I was quite excited when we finally were able to pull this together.

This interview gives...

Jan 9, 2022

Cameron Warner Jones is the kind of person that, once you’ve heard of him, you just want to get to know him. Imagine a person that gets his start in the dark halls of Dartmouth’s Computer Music halls, designs and implements the complex musical system used by everyone at the time, then carries on the work through...