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Art + Music + Technology

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Apr 27, 2014

Often, when we think of art/music technology, we imagine that people get into it by watching YouTube videos, or seeing things in concerts, or through some other indirect method. But often, a hands-on experience is what lights people off in a new direction, and Jason Kramer is at the heart of that process. He is the co-owner and in-store manager of Control Voltage, one of the few US stores that carry modular and analog synth gear, and on a daily basis he has the opportunity to introduce people to the gear of their future.

It was fun to talk to Jason - an incredibly personable guy - about how a community develops around art/tech, what it's like to run a store filled with dreamy gear, and what he thinks needs to happen in the music world. This was an in-store interview, so it is a little echo-y, but the interview is well worth it!