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Art + Music + Technology

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Feb 1, 2015

Chris Stack is about as multiply-experienced as anyone you can imagine. He was a marketing manager at Moog Music, and was instrumental in the launch of the Moog Guitar. He's been working with Paul Vo on his new and unique brand of synthesis. And he runs a little site called that highlights interesting new developments in music hardware, and keeps an active feed on Facebook that keeps all of us up-to-date with cool videos.

But the thing that really intrigued me about Chris is that he comes from a similar background to my own: born and raised in a rural setting, he juggled jobs, learning both music and technology - eventually to land in the MI industry through a combination of determination and luck. It's interesting to hear how the twisty passages of The Real World can end up leading to something really wonderful. You can learn more about Chris at this Moog Foundation link.