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Art + Music + Technology

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Mar 1, 2015

Magazines have long held my attention - even after they have seemingly become irrelevant. We talk to newly-made "official" A+M+T historian Mike Metlay about the early days of music magazines, fanzines and their influence on the music, and how magazines remain useful in the age of endless webpages and forums. Mikes got some unique (and heartfelt) feelings about magazines - obviously so, since he's the editor of one - and his willingness to share honestly is what makes him a great guest of the podcast.

So, enjoy a trip in the wayback machine as we remember old gear mags, their writers and editors, fanzines and the fans and New Jersey(!) in Magic Podcast #69. But watch out, we might have a case of Two Old Guys Shouting At Kids (which ought to be the name of my next podcast...) going down here!