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Mar 15, 2015

One of the things I've always been curious about has been the Institute of Sonology, a Dutch center of electronic music studies. I knew that Gregory had been a "Sonologist", as had Gerhard Behles of Ableton and many others. But I knew practically nothing about the place. Gregory had always been circumspect about it whenever I talked to him, so I finally cornered him w/r/t doing a podcast about it, and here we are.

The podcast starts with a continuation of the Dockstader discussion, but it folds into the Sonology discussion quite easily. I think that you'll find the whole thing - including the influence of the Philips Corporation on the world of electronic music. If you ever wondered why scenes grow up in different places, this might open your eyes a little.

Thanks again to Gregory, who always teaches me without making me feel stupid - the primary attribute of a wonderful educator.