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Sep 6, 2015

I'll have to admit something: I'm a big fan of the double bass. It's an instrument that is as much about physicality as it is technique (although technique is incredibly important). But mostly, its presence in a room - or in a recording - is huge. So when Todd Reynolds opened the door for me to talk with bassist/composer Florent Ghys, I jumped at the chance.

What I found was a person that is comfortable in almost as many skins as there are in the media arts. He's obviously an accomplished bassist, and has done compositions for many serious New York-based groups. But his solo work reveals his interests in programming (primarily with Max) - but in a way that is inclusive of his audience. He's also starting to branch out into video art, and talks about that effort as well.

I had a wonderful time talking to Florent - twice - due to recording problems. So you get to hear the second, but perhaps more personal, chat between us. It is an interesting insight into the mind of a versatile artist.