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Oct 18, 2015

OK, I was a little nervous about this.

A number of people had decided the content of podcast #100 for me. They all said the same thing: "Podcast 100 has to be you, man!" So, while I felt like I had talked a lot about myself during the first 99 podcasts, I agreed to it - with trepidation.

So, without a lot of extra noise, I give you part one of a two-part interview with me, Darwin Grosse. Some of this is about the podcast, other parts are about how I got into audio work, and even more are about how I became an analog-head. During the editing of this, I realized that the story is about me, but also about people like Oscar, Grant and others that shaped me. So in a way, it is also a light shining on them.

I hope you enjoy this, and it helps you know me a little better. And don't worry - starting next week we will feature other (and probably more interesting!) people.