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Nov 8, 2015

I've been following Kerry Leimer's work for some time; after several friends simultaneously pointed to his work (and his label), I became a big fan. Therefore, I was especially pleased when I got a chance to release a duet album (with Gregory) on PoL, tourbillon solo. But in addition to running one of my favorite labels, Kerry is also an incredible artist, weaving relaxed but deep sonic cloth out of his unique sound design.

This is one of the great interviews of this series, because it hits all my prized marks: we talk about history, but we also talk about the process of doing work, and the mindset that makes it all come together. Kerry was incredibly open about how - and why - he does the things he does, and I felt fortunate to be on the listening end of this inspiring message.

If you've not yet experienced the Palace of Lights sound, or Kerry's music, you will want to check out these links:

The Label:

I hope you enjoy Kerry's work as much as I do!