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Jan 10, 2016

One of the most prolific people I've talked to is Julien Bayle. First interviewed for podcast #17, I decided to revisit Julien's story because of a text interview I'd done of him for the Cycling '74 site. He'd been reworking his systems and performance techniques because of a renewed interest in "everything modular", and I wanted to see where that had taken him.

I also like talking to Julien because he is always willing to talk about his future projects - he doesn't worry about people grabbing his ideas, because he recognizes that it is the voice of the artist, not the name of the concept, that is important in doing art installations and performances.

In this chat, we end up talking a bit about the creative process and different issues that need to be balanced. I think we get a good insight into Julien's way of thinking in this insightful interview.