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Feb 14, 2016

A long time ago, Gregory Taylor set up a dinner hang-out with Arjen van der Schoot, from Audio Ease. They had just released their ground-breaking Altiverb, and it blew away everyone at the AES show. We chatted over pizza, and I learned a little about the process, their plans for the future, and how much fun they were having.

Jump forward a decade (or more...) and I get a chance to catch up with Arjen in this podcast. He is still dedicated to great sound, and is still having a lot of fun. We talk about the process of doing IR shoots, how he chooses a place to record, and some of the complexities of the job (this is one of the few recording jobs where you have to be a little scared of wildlife...). But he also gives a great overview of how convolution reverbs work, how impulse responses are created - and he also gives a great introduction to the Speakerphone plug-in, which is Audio Ease's second product. I now know what I'm getting myself for Valentine's Day!

I've always enjoyed interacting with Arjen, and this was a great way to have a detailed catch-up. I hope you enjoy the chat as much as I did!