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Feb 28, 2016

I love when one of my chats gets opinionated. It always leads to an interesting discussion, and it always ends up revealing more about a person than expected. Anyone that knows Suit & Tie Guy will know that he's opinionated - galore. But his opinions are well-formed, well-researched (often through hard-learned lessons) and well-presented.

In this interview, we wander all over the landscape. Why do mid-90's Lexicon reverbs sound so great? What makes the Juno 6 so special? How many gigs do you have to do with a Hammond before you won't carry it up stairs? What is the purpose of deconstructing a sequencer into its component parts? All this - and a lot more - is revealed in our chat. Awesome, awesome stuff.

If you aren't familiar with Suit's work, you will want to check out STG Soundlabs to find out more about his modular work (including the amazing Mankato filter and the STG Soundlabs Modular Sequencing System), and the Suit & Tie Guy website for his personal work. It's fascinating to see the work of someone with incredibly broad vision work its way into a cohesive whole.