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Apr 24, 2016

OK, I'll admit it. Every time I've tried using a Theremin, the result have been a musical car wreck. It seems like I have no ability to control my limbs in a way that provides the instrument with what it needs, so it sounds horrible.

So therefore, it is really interesting to me to talk to talented Theremin players - and this week, I talk to the best that I know: Victoria Lundy. Victoria is a solo performer and recording artist as well as a member of The Inactivists, and is active in our local Synth Meetup. I've seen her perform in a number of different gigs, and she is alway able to hold people's attention with her personal and voice-like sound.

In this chat, we talk about becoming a Thereminist, choosing an instrument, and figuring out how to play before you get disillusioned and sell the instrument on eBay. We also talk about some of the idiosyncrasies when playing in a group, and even how you prepare for working in a Conduction ensemble. Fascinating details, and a great interview.

You can hear Victoria's work here:

Sorry for the terrible sound on my mic; the Evil Blue Mic - combined with unknowable problems with Audio Hijack - conspire to beat me down again. <sigh> That's gotta change...