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Sep 11, 2016

Chris Lowis first showed up on my radar via an episode of the JS Air podcast. He was talking about the history and concepts of the Web Audio API to a bunch of Javascript-heads. He seemed equally comfortable talking about either audio or programming, and I knew he'd be a great interview for my podcast.

I couldn't have been more correct. Chris has a great history; studying acoustics, working at the BBC and being involved with the standards groups that are pulling the Web Audio API spec together. The effort is starting to show some great results, with recent Web pages really lighting up some spectacular devices: synths, games and other goodies.

Where you you go to find out more about this stuff? One place is Chris' home for his Web Audio Weekly blog: This is the de-facto clearing house for new apps, devices and libraries that work with the Web Audio and Web MIDI specs. If you want a little more active call-and-response, you can check in on the Web Audio Slack Channel. Finally, Chris himself refers to the Mozilla Developer Network documentation as a great place to find out more about the details of web audio.

Finally, when you are ready to do some coding of your own, you will probably want to take the Web Audio School:

(online trial)

(github download)

Enjoy, and make sure you give some Web Audio examples a try!