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Art + Music + Technology

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Oct 16, 2016

This one was a bit difficult for me: when I'm talking to people about gear or circuits or code, I have no problem. But when it comes to talking about how our bodies work? I'm generally at a loss. Luckily, El Larson was very helpful as I stumbled through the words to talk about what she does. So when you hear me struggling, there it is.

In any case, it is really cool to hear about El's work with the Tibetan Bowls and a modular synth. She's thoughtful about the way that she integrates the instruments into her practice, and is also willing to talk about it. So finding out how she works, how she prepares for a session and how she deals with the variety of personalities she encounters - it's all in the open.

Additionally, though, it's great to hear about a completely different musical practice, and to find out how sound can be used to physically help people. I've not participated in a session (although now I'm pretty intrigued), but I've heard incredible things from friends, and am very curious.

In addition to the sound practice, El is also an active artist/performer - with a recent high-profile project with Millie Brown being a prime example. Balancing the practice with the artistic urge is at the heart of El's life, and it was really interesting to learn more about it.

You can learn more about El's work at her website. Enjoy!