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Jan 29, 2017

I ran across Fabrizio's work in a rather typical way - I was trolling through, searching for something that would interest me (and would make for a good article for the Cycling '74 newsletter...), and I ran across some work by a developer that tagged everything with "J74". That was enough to get my attention on that evening, and I started looking into his work. There were several interesting devices, several of which were related to "guided generative" sequencing, an area that always kind of intrigues me.

So I started playing with some of the devices, and got drawn into one of them: J74 Progressive, which is a chordal (harmonic) content generator that can be as simple or as complex as you like - and it draws you in by helping make interesting and fun chord changes.

I had to learn more, so I reached out to the developer - Fabrizio Poce - and started a conversation. Next thing you know, we were doing a podcast interview! This is a great one, because Fabrizio is more than happy to share his perspectives on both musical creation and software development. This is a balance that is hard for many to maintain, so it is good to hear some ideas from a successful developer.

If you want to dive into Fabrizio's J74 work, you can check out his site at, and check out J74 Progressive here.