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Mar 26, 2017

When you meet interesting people, they often help you meet more interesting people. So it was with Bana Haffar - after doing the interview with her, she connected me with other talented artists in her LA circle. When she talked about this week's guest, she just said "He's The Shit." Anthony combines cinematic dark stuff with incredible sound design to create both deeply personal music and the outrageous music you hear in movie trailers.

Matter-of-fact, just like that. So I did a little Google-surfing, and sure enough, there is some serious talent there. Check out his Soundcloud page if you have any questions, or read an older interview with him on the speakhertz site. There's some serious magic going on there.

What was interesting is to hear how Anthony's sound design process has changed over the years. Moving from a sampling focus to modular synthesis might seem like a huge swing, but Anthony makes it seem pretty seamless - to the point where any sound he hears in his head seems to be available at his modular. Cool stuff.

So many thanks to Bana for the intro, and to Anthony for taking the time to chat. This one is inspiring, and makes me need to head to the studio for a little modular session. Enjoy!