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Art + Music + Technology

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May 14, 2017

There are a few artists I've wanted to meet for a long while, and Lawrence English is one of them. His music exudes a dark elegance, and the titles of his work make suggestions to his interests and sensitivities. Whether it is Cruel Optimism, The Peregrine or even Suikinkutsu, you can get a sense of where Lawrence is coming from!

And the chat didn't disappoint! Lawrence is clearly introspective about both his work and the politics of our current time, and seems to have synthesized some interesting theories about community, togetherness and shared interest. He is also keenly aware of how information gets passed through non-obvious means; setting up a channel between artist and audience isn't simple, but it can benefit both parties...

This is a deep conversation; I hope that you enjoy it - and that it gets you thinking about how you do your work, and how you listen to others'. And you can check out the breadth of Lawrence's work at his website: