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May 28, 2017

Chris Dobrian is responsible. He's the person that put together the documentation that got me on my road with Max - a road that still, in many ways, defines my daily existence. Chris' work taught me a lot about both programming in Max and manipulating sound and MIDI events, and he also taught me about writing in a way that was approachable for everyone - no matter where they were in their personal path to musical creation.

I bump into Chris rather often - he is at a lot of the trade shows and conferences that I attend. Each time we see each other, I say something along the lines of "Hey, man, let's do a podcast!" and he says "Yeah, let's do it, any time!". So when I was in St. Cloud for the SEAMUS conference, I saw there was a paper with his name on it, and I thought we'd get to do that dance again. 

Alas, he wasn't there (a paper was presented where he was a collaborator), and that made me somehow more motivated to talk with him. So there you go - maybe distance does make the heart grow fonder or something. In any case, I cornered him, we had a great talk, and I share it with you.

A little audio problem here: the Apogee ONE worked fine, but I was silly enough to have it near the laptop, and we were running Google Hangouts, which triggers the fan on my Macbook Pro immediately. I didn't catch that this was happening, and so you have to put up with a little noise-gating on my end. When it comes to mics, it's all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!