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Jul 2, 2017

NOTE: This podcast is presented as a collaboration with for the presentation of people designing and producing unique instruments. You can listen to the podcast here, on the Synthtopia website (in an embedded player) or on iTunes. But you can also read the article as well as search for detailed information by viewing the transcription at

Tom Holkenborg - Junkie XL - is everywhere right now. If you've seen any blockbuster movies in the last couple of years, you probably have heard his soundtracks. His recent releases are also widely heard, as are some of his early works (especially his rework of Elvis' "A Little Less Conversation"). And if you are really dedicated to sound design, you've probably stumbled on his website ( and especially his YouTube channel (, where he has a series - Studio Time - that really gives you a close-up view of Tom's gear, techniques and passions.

When our friends at Synthtopia helped us connect with Tom, I was anxious to explore areas outside of his normal thing: I wanted to hear about his beginning story, but also how he approached composition, where he got his engineering chops and how he made music that has always jumped out of the speakers. We got to talk about all that and more, and I got a good overview of both his past work as a producer, electronica superstar and his current work doing soundtrack for major motion pictures. He's got great stories, but also great object lessons, and I think we all will learn something from his open discussion on his art.

An amazing interview - I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together!