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Jul 30, 2017

So when my friend Clifton says "Hey, man - check this person out...", I tend to listen pretty intently. In this case, he pointed me toward someone that surprised me on several levels: a conductor-become-composer that also did electronics, a film composer that released a solo album, and an artist with both staff paper and a modular synth on her desktop. How could I not interview Leanna Primiani?

And it was a great chat - we discussed how a person makes the move from conductor to composer, and how the sound designer can take an orchestral approach to the work. We also dig into something that I'm always interested in: how does a person who already does a lot of work make the move into creating a release? What is this "new music", and how do you know when it is done?

Leanna is super open about her ideas, her process and even her fears, and was super inspiring to me about all the different aspects of being a performing/recording musician. She was also quite honest about how people are responding to her electronic recording work (and it isn't always positively...), and how she has to cope with that. A fascinating side of recording that I'd not even considered.

You can check out Leanna's new 5mice release at, and find out more about her conducting/composing/film work at What is fascinating to me is the way that she has found to interweave her talent, passion and interests into a several result, but they all clearly have her personal voice. An interesting view into the mind and work of a true artist.