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Aug 20, 2017

Markus Reuter is quite an amazing musician. He's already been part of several releases this year (including an amazing collaboration with Robert Rich), but he's also putting out interesting solo work, is touring right now with Stick Men, continues to develop his touch guitar technique - and has time to talk to me for the podcast. And we had a fascinating chat, where we talked about everything from the development of the U8 guitar, to fan engagement through his new subscription project, and through to some ideas about how technique and music is taught to new students.

Markus goes beyond the normal 'advanced guitar' thing; he transcends the instrument and even any specific musical idiom to embody music creation. Maybe that's why his model for the future, through an artist subscription, is perfect for him: it's a great opportunity to have people move with you through styles, concepts and techniques as you develop them without having to tightly restrict oneself to a specific sub-genre.

In our chat, we get into a lot of things about the creation of his work, and especially on how he finds useful ways to integrate his own strong voice into collaborative working situations. Having him describe his intuitions about the work and the world is an awesome insight into his brain.

If you haven't checked out his site yet, you need to do it: Find out more about him, the broad variety of his work, and his vision for the future of independent musical production therein. And check out his work with centrozoon, Stick Men and other groups wherever you listen to music.

And enjoy!