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Oct 1, 2017

I've been hearing a lot about Walker Farrell lately. We interviewed him for the C74 newsletter, I heard a lot of talk about his live performances, and everybody has been suggesting his "Music for 0​.​∞ Musicians, Vol. 1" release as something I have to hear. And I've gotten sucked in - the work is expansive, varied - but still maintaining a artistic voice. So yeah, right up my alley.

I was glad that Walker was up for a visit, and I started boning up on his work (including his Bandcamp site and Soundcloud site). The more I listened, the more I got pulled into his work. I was also blown away by that amount of work he was able to produce - that's always something that keys me into someone that will influence me. And sure enough, learning about Walker's setup and his process got me revved up to try mimicking his ideas. Very interesting stuff.

I also think it is great to talk to someone that makes personal choices to produce creative limitations to work through. His performance plan, which creates a limited functional system out of his larger studio system, is a great way to consider making a functional performance plan, and has already influenced my process as well.

I hope you find this as inspirational as I did - and that you allow his ideas to permeate your own. Enjoy!