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Oct 15, 2017

I'm a fan of the K-Devices products - and one in particular. Holder, a simple little spectral hold function, ends up in almost every Live set that I work on. It's focused, efficient and easy-to-understand - all the hallmarks of an excellent devices. So when PR Master Marsha Vdovin checked in on a possible interview, I was all over it!

It turns out that K-Devices' mastermind - Alessio Santini - is as cool as his devices. He's got a great story (I've not met many people that move from a Doom Metal obsession to making synths!), and a long history in sound design. But his background is also one that will be familiar to many: when he found a passion, he dropped everything to pursue it. The result is making a life that is personal and complete: a story that is worth hearing.

I really enjoyed talking to Alessio, and was interested in his development concepts, his moves into iOS development, and his own work on an upcoming musical release. Oh, and the fact that he uses Holder on almost all of his Live sets told me that we had a lot in common!

Check out the K-Devices products in the Packs section of, or at their website: