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Oct 22, 2017

Mike Hodnick is one of those people that others have been pointing me toward for a while; he's deep into electronic music, he does some incredible performances, he has a deep well of releases and he is a coding fiend. The fact that all of this is wrapped together - using the Tidalcycles library for Haskell - in one neat package, and one that Mike is completely comfortable chatting about.

Just after this interview, I ended up taking a workshop with Mike and really loved working with Tidalcycles (often just called Tidal). But when I listened through Mike's work, I got the sense of the organizational prowess of Tidal, and of Mike's brain. So it was a lot of fun picking his brain on how he works, how he performs and how he decides what to release.

I've become a fan, and I suspect you might too. You can check him out on hit site: You can also hear some of his work both on his Bandcamp site and his Soundcloud site. His latest release is RISC Chip on the Conditional label. Check out the work, and check out Tidalcycles - and enjoy our chat!