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Nov 19, 2017

Kim Bjørn is on a mission - he wants to highlight design in electronic instrument creation, and he wants to document it as completely as possible. With his recently-released book Push Turn Move, we get interviews with developers, performers and researchers, and really get to understand not only the design, but the decisions behind the design, of the instruments we love.

Whether you are into Teenage Engineering's ultra-cool designs, or you prefer the Jupiter 8 Mothership view of instruments - or even if you prefer a U-HE plug-in interface to anything in hardware - you are going to find a lot in this book to dig. And my discussion with Kim got even further; he breaks down his thinking process in pulling together the book, and also found ways to dig deeper than previous authors had done.

I'm a big fan of the book; if you are into electronic music, or product design, or usability - or even instrument design, you are going to find this a wealth of information there. And listening to our chat will help you understand the organization of the thing, as well as the background the Kim has that makes him the perfect author for the task.

Take a listen - and enjoy!