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Art + Music + Technology

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Nov 26, 2017

OK - Sam Battle is just amazing. He's a bundle of energy - and an obsession with making cool synths. From the famous 'Synth Bike' to the Jacob's Ladder drum machine, his creations span the range from crazy to outright insane. You can get a good taste of his work at his in-process website, or by following him on the Look Mum No Computer Facebook page.

This was a great chat - Sam is hilarious, and his story is really quite amazing. From his move from guitar to synth, to his amazing work space, to his adventures in making his own modular in his own format(!), the story is as fascinating as the result. But it comes with some danger (during the interview, we talk about one video that actually scared me - because of the worries about jewelry near high voltage...), but a lot of fun.

Sam is rockin' the video world, and all of his stuff is supported by his Patreon site: if you can help him out, I know he'd appreciate it. This is just the kind of guy we want to support!

Thanks again for continuing to follow the podcast. If you haven't already done so, please follow the Art Music Technology page on Facebook; we've got some announcements coming up that will be really important to all the listeners. Otherwise - have a great one, and we'll see you soon. Enjoy!!!