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Nov 30, 2017

This is the first podcast supporting our Kickstarter campaign for a new recording chain. The campaign runs through December 11th - please help out the podcast:

Dave Small is clearly obsessed with The Home Run: whether it's the Time's Arrow (a deep and amazing modular sequencer) or the upcoming line of Buchla-inspired modules, Dave doesn't go halfway in any way. He has taken his passion and turned it into product, and the result is a uniquely personal product line.

In our chat, we talk about the process of coming up with a unique sequencer, how he decided to pursue a Eurorack lineup that honors the original Buchla 100-series modules, and what he's gone through in order to bring all of this together. He's also open about the process of learning to become savvy in electronics, coding and everything else required for creating modules - having a background in economics!

Dave is an inspiration to everyone that roots for determination and drive, and is a great example of the kinds of builder that successfully create the amazing new tools we've come to expect. Enjoy the listen, and don't forget to leave a little at the Kickstarter!