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Art + Music + Technology

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Dec 3, 2017

This is the second podcast supporting our Kickstarter campaign for a new recording chain. The campaign runs through December 11th - please help out the podcast:

Rob Hordijk is one of those designers - when he makes something, it seems to hold "the magic". Whether we are talking about the Benjolin, the Rungler, or one of his system 'sections', Rob makes the kind of gear that people dedicate their lives to.

I was really pleased to get the chance to talk to Rob, and was amazed at his approach to synth development: he has a design methodology created from his experiences of electronics, art and system design. The combination makes for an impressive process, the the results speak for themselves.

It is also interesting to hear about how he pursues the artistic angle of his work, and how he interacts with the art and music worlds. I really enjoyed this talk, and I hope you like listening in.

You can learn more about Rob's work at this site, and you can see Rob in action at this YouTube link. Check it out, and enjoy!