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Art + Music + Technology

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Dec 7, 2017

This is the third podcast supporting our Kickstarter campaign for a new recording chain. The campaign runs through December 11th - please help out the podcast:

Seth Cluett has got his hands in everything. He's an academic at the Stevens Institute, a widely-traveled artist and composer and a prolific writer. He's also currently an artist-in-residence at Bell Labs, which is a damned auspicious posting. He's also keenly tied into a lot of different art movements and activities, and you can see by checking out his website:

The fun thing about talking to Seth is the ability to follow trails into obscure musical areas - and realize that this is a well-worn trail for him. Whether you are talking classic computer music concepts, modern sound art expression or working with scientists, it's all in the mix for him - and the combination of backgrounds and skills makes this a great conversation.

I had a great time talking with Seth, and hope that you'll have a great time listening. Thanks!