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Art + Music + Technology

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Dec 24, 2017

Michael Hetrick has his hands in a lot of projects. His main work is as one of the founders of Unfiltered Audio, creators of the SpecOps, Dent and (my personal favorite) Sandman plugin series. He also has a history of modular-style work, having created the EuroMax project (for Max/MSP) and the Euro Reakt package (for Reaktor). Most recently, he's produced HetrickCV - a huge set of VCVRack modules that really extend that platform.

Speaking with Michael was a breeze - because he's interested in all the 'good stuff'. Whether talking about modular systems, Max and Reaktor, modular hardware or plug-in development, you get a sense of a guy that has a vision for what he wants, and the desire to spend the time to get it exactly right. The result is a consistently great level of development, regardless of the platform or package that he's working upon.

A great talk with an amazing developer. You can find out more about Michael's work at his personal website - - or at the links above. Enjoy! 

This episode of the Art + Music + Technology podcast was supported, in part, by Percussa - developers of AudioCubes, Engine, Remote and upcoming SSP Eurorack module.