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Art + Music + Technology

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Feb 4, 2018

I'm always intrigued by a good story. How about "from early music player to Buchla master"? Todd Barton's story is as good as his music - which is damned good. His use of serious electronic music gear to create focused worked is quite unique, and it is reflected in the way that the music sounds awesome regardless of the technology used to create it.

And the list of technology is pretty serious: Buchla modulars and Music Easels, Serge modulars and the Haken Continuum - and even the Hordijk Blippoo - are all pulled into play as necessary. Todd has been releasing recordings, but also recently did a series of live shows throughout Europe and the western US.

In our chat, we go over his entre into electronic music, how he got drawn into Buchla and Serge gear, and how he makes his choices now. He also talks a bit about the process of doing live modular teaching via Skype, and how he creates his live musical sculptures. Very in-depth conversations on creation; this is a discussion that will prove inspiring.

Check out Todd's work at his website: And enjoy the podcast!