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Art + Music + Technology

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Mar 9, 2014

Sometimes it can be really exciting to look at New Stuff and get excited about it. But sometimes a review of Old Stuff can be just as exciting. Author, educator, journalist and musician Mark Vail has the gift of helping us see more than the glamour of New Gear, and I had a wonderful discussion with him for this week's podcast.

Given Mark's encyclopedic knowledge of hardware, this could have turned into a "I thought the QRB-1500 was much superior to the FRX-9590" drone-athon, but he isn't like that - he's a relaxed and fun guy that has a story for every hardware spec. He has also spent time with history-making builders and artists, and enjoys sharing the memorable background that helped create the Music Instrument (MI) world.

I hope that you enjoy this podcast as much as I enjoyed making it. Also, you can get a little more info from, and meet/hear him at a book signing at The Avid Reader in Davis, California on April 11, 2014.