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Apr 1, 2018

Among a certain set of music-makers, Oli Larkin's work is critical for making things happen. He's an audio programming guru, and has created systems as diverse as a virtual Casio CZ synth, an automatic plug-in parameter-scrambler and he is involved with the development of a new web audio plug-in format. He is also deep into the Faust programming language, Max/MSP and the iPlug plug-in development system. His work is simultaneously inspiring and workmanlike, and it always delivers what is expected - and then some!

Where does that level of sophistication and programming talent come from? Even Oli doesn't seem to know - but he's put his whole career behind the effort and really enjoys sharing. In addition to programming, he's also been experimenting with immersive audio experience (something we didn't get a chance to talk about - this time), and continues to dive into the depths of the Faust language and the iPlug system.

You can check out his work at his personal site:, and try out the web audio synthesizers at This was a great chat, and left me with even more respect for Oli and his work. Enjoy!