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Apr 22, 2018

Talk about a Renaissance man! Edmund Eagan is the designer of the EaganMatrix - the sound engine that is part of the Haken Continuum, and is also one of the leading performers with that system. He consults with Dr. Haken, does demos of the system and is also an active composer and audio editor/engineer. Oh, and sound design - he does that too.

(You can find out more about the Haken Continuum in our previous interview with Dr. Haken:

Edmund has some real interesting views about instrument design - many of which parallel the work found in the Continuum. These ideas are based on the idea of the holistic design of control and sound - the interplay of the physical and the intellectual in a useful electronic music instrument. When you see Eagan perform (like here:, you will understand why he is so dedicated to these details.

A great interview with an amazing mind. Enjoy!