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May 6, 2018

Jeff Snyder makes wonderful things. The Manta remains one of my favorite playing surfaces, and I've just started breaking the cello on the MantaMate - a way of interfacing the Manta (as well as MIDI keyboards, game pads and even randomness) with your modular system. And when you start looking at some of the instruments he has on the 'bench', it gets even wilder.

Since we were able to discuss his background and education in our earlier talk (episode 34), we didn't have to go over that ground. But he has been working hard since then - moving up the ladder at Princeton, updating the Manta, creating the MantaMate, furthering his work on wind instruments and even exploring the world of VCV Rack. Maybe it's time for Jeff to take a nap!

Join me for this fun cruise through Jeff's brain, and if you get a chance, run over to for a quick look at all of his latest work. In the meantime, I'm going back into the studio to waste a few more hours with his stuff...