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Art + Music + Technology

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Jun 3, 2018

Tom Hall is a master of interface. Whether it is interfacing analog gear to Max, Live effects into a makeshift looper, cassettes into anything - he not only knows how to do it, he is probably using it as you read this. He masterfully mixes modulars, Max, effects pedals and cassette decks to weave a beautiful tapestry of sound.

Tom is about to celebrate his new album release: Spectra. Released by, every track is filled with every kind of process, but it's all combined in a way that is clearly a blend based off Tom's inner voice. No matter what tools he uses, the result is clearly "Tom".

It was great to talk through how he uses different systems, how his performance modular has changed over time, and how the Nord Lead 2 has gotten a new look in his work. A great chat - with one of my favorite people on the planet. Enjoy - and make sure you check out Spectra!