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Art + Music + Technology

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Jun 17, 2018

There are some people that you just want to get to know quickly - because you know that they will turn out to be great to know. Chris Muir is one of those people: he's user "cbm" on almost any platform you can find, because he loves being an early adopter, he's worked for all kinds of interesting people, and he's had his fingers in a lot of interesting software and hardware. But he's also a fun guy, and a great storyteller.

Listen in to our chat as we go from Zeta to Beatnik to Gibson to Eardrill, with other droplets along the way. You can also hear about Chris' penchant for destroying hobbies - a concept I know all too well. But mostly, you get to hear a guy that's been in the middle of the West Coast music and computer scene for a long time, and just seems to be able to smile and laugh about the whole thing. So relaxed...

My introduction to Chris was in the hubbub of trade shows, and we got to know each other better over time. We've kept in (distant) touch; still, the second we start talking, it's like the conversation has the momentum from the last chat. A great cat, and I'm glad to share this conversation with you.