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Aug 12, 2018

I first ran across the North Coast Modular Collective by following member Bill van Loo's Facebook page, and seeing him doing more and more interesting work. The message that first introduced the collective caught me by surprise, but also reminded me of what a cool place Ann Arbor (Michigan) is - and how it seems to be a growing field for all sorts of interesting stuff. So I decided that we could talk to a couple of the collective's group, and find out what's going on and what's going to come.

In this discussion, we talk about the creation of a collective (a group of musicians/builders in a field of individualists...), the things they do together, and the projects they are doing as a group. These range from public meetups and workshops to private week-long hangouts, and it sounds like a great way to build a community based on conversation and friendship. 

I'm captivated by this idea, and I hope you will be too. This is an idea that deserves to be spread about - and I think that the North Coast people have a recipe for something powerful and interesting. I hope you think so too!