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Sep 16, 2018

From the second I saw the Akemie's Castle module, I knew I'd want to talk to its developer, Matthew Allum. What a module - and what a name! I knew there had to be stories about what was going on. I've also notices that almost every case I'm seeing has a Pamela's Workout module. Matthew let me try out a few modules, and now I understand why these are so ubiquitous: it has so much functionality (presented in such a clear fashion) that it has become central to my patches. So now it all makes sense.

Talking with Matthew was a breeze - he's into his work, but he's also thoughtful about how he works, and the ideas that turn into his modules. He's got a lot of new work coming out, but he's also working on improving existing devices - and making modules for himself and his friends, too.

If you haven't checked out the ALM/Busy Circuits range yet, you can do so at Matthew's web site: This was a fun chat - enjoy!

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