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Sep 23, 2018

There aren't many corners of the programming globe that I haven't visited, but Swift programming is something I've not explored. When Matthew Fecher reached out to me about the AudioKit project, I was a little chagrined that I had not worked with it before. As I dug into it, I was even more amazed - this framework provides easy access to many tools and strategies, and it's hard to imagine that I'd not taken it for a drive.

The project first came on my radar as a talking point by people that were frustrated with iOS audio programs and wanted to hack their own. But as I read more, I realized that is was a viable tool for MacOS programming as well. I was anxious to chat with these folks, and Aure and Matthew were kind enough to oblige.

We talk about all kinds of stuff: making end-user applications, developer-facing code libraries, becoming a DSP programmer, becoming an audio fanatic while growing up in farm country, and the influence of KISS on us all. Does that sound like a broad enough conversation? It was so much fun - you'll hear it in the interview.

You can learn more about AudioKit at their site:

You can also find their iOS applications on the App Store (names are AudioKit Synth One and AudioKit FM Player). The community is a rich one, and worth considering if audio/music programming is (or is going to be) your thing.


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