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Nov 25, 2018

Back in episode 66, I first chatted with Bert Schiettecatte - who, along with partner Celine, has been making the Percussa brand of music interfaces purr for the last decade-and-a-half. When we talked to them back then, they were about to run with a Kickstarter for their SSP Eurorack module; now, it's a success - and has spawned a new progeny. The Micro SSP has its own kickstarter (, and looks to be a smaller and more affordable way for anyone to get into the SSP ecosystem.

As with our earlier conversation, talking with Bert is pretty easy - he's got his hands in every part of the development of the device, and is willing to talk about it all! I enjoy talking with him because he tends to downplay the amount of work he's done, but is also realistic about the amount of work it took to accomplish the result. He's killing it with this module, but he's been killing it all along with the development of Percussa interface devices.

I hope you enjoy this 'cast - it's a revelation to hear about the SSP design process, and will hopefully inspire you to dig in a little more. Check out Percussa at, and take a good look at the amazing designs they are producing.