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Jan 27, 2019

My first view of Erik Emil Eskildsen's work was at the urging of Markus Reuter; he pointed to Erik's work and said "Hey, this might be a cool guy for you to talk to!". The further I dug in, the more interesting work I found: touch guitar, heavy effect pedal action, then the YouTube "Modular + Pedals" channel - and then his most recent release (The Forest of Unending Warmth). I found it all interesting, and we set up a time to have a chat. Very glad that I did!

Erik is super open about his process, and we dug into his work, my preconceptions about how he does it - and the reality of how he actually does it! It was cool to hear about someone that treats systems as a composition, and that considers that system setup as critical to the composition process. Very instructive to me, and it has inspired me to think differently about that work.

You can check out Erik's work on his bandcamp page: You can also learn more about his work on him artist website ( and that Modular + Pedals YouTube channel ( But take the time to dip into Erik's work - you'll be glad you did.