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Art + Music + Technology

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Mar 3, 2019

Alessandro Cortini should be well-known to most of the people that listen to this podcast. From his work with Nine Inch Nails, to his modular-fueled solo work, and to his inspirational videos and interviews, Alessandro is on the mainline of music tech. But he's also decades behind (in a good way...) because of his love of Don Buchla's designs and instruments. I know of no other person that is so obsessed with Buchla equipment - and making music with it.

In our chat, we talk about the variety of ways that he interacts with his instruments, his interests in modulars that are more than gear collections, and the way that great gear inspires him to make the music he loves. We also talk about a few of his specific releases, and how they (sometimes inadvertently) come into being. Of course, I also get to ask about his cassette 4-track interests (another thing we share) - and how he finds unique ways of using one.

I loved doing this interview; Alessandro was pretty hyped on coffee, so he was on fire! I hope that you enjoy listening to this - and are as inspired as I was.